Ron Martin: Biography

     Born and raised in Charlotte, N.C. Ron 's childhood was based on a solid family upbringing where he learned that hard work, good work-ethic and family values leads to a productive life. But that alone is sometimes not enough. You have to constantly challenge yourself and make things happen.
      At the age of 18 years old he left to join the United States Navy in January 1987. His twenty-two year career had led him to live and experience different cultures around the world. He began to appreciate being an American and knew just how lucky he really was to be free.
      When he retired from the Navy in June 2008 he began to notice how bad things in his country were becoming. The Great Recession started in late 2007 and for most Americans has not yet ended. For the millions that were devastated by the recession's destructive path, most could have avoided their fate if they had the knowledge and tools to do so. So now he wants to help as many as he can by sharing those tools.
      Ron is a life-time NRA member, recruiter, and certified pistol instructor who is always willing to teach and give classes to those who want to learn how to shoot, need a refresher, or wants to obtain their concealed carry permit. So don't hesitate to join the NRA and or contact him via email to arrange your class.




     He has also made a commitment to himself, friends, and family that he will not stop his pursuit to awaken as many Americans as he can to make this country great again.God Bless us and our great country!!!

This is Ron's first book, but he already has plans and a title for his second release. God, Guns, Gold & Government: Getting back to the basics to Save America. So please stay tuned and check this site often for updates. Thanks for your support.

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